Dubai Mistress V – Profile


I cater for all levels of submissive from first-time to the experienced slave. Join me on the journey into submissive fantasy!

I see submissives of any gender. I also see respectful fetishists who have particular fetishes but who are not necessarily submissive.

I am Mistress V. I am a lifestyle Dominatrix.I have been involved in the BDSM scene for many years now & have several collared slaves.

For the novice, or simply curious, I offer a gentle introduction. For the more experienced, I offer absolute indulgence, to discover and explore your fantasy, sensitivity, boundaries and limits in this wonderful World of BDSM and Fetish.

You will be dealt with in a safe, controlled and totally discreet environment.

Your desire to be controlled, bound and stimulated by the many means at my disposal, will be completely fulfilled, as I draw upon my considerable experience.

I enjoy BDSM for many reasons; I love the feeling of being in control of you, having you laid out blindfolded and at my mercy. That feeling is fantastic. I have a love for sensory deprivation, to see you squirm each time I touch you with something different is guaranteed to make me smile as I watch your body twitch and tremble at the anticipation of what I will use next. I like to use a variety of floggers plus other toys for the sensations you will experience.

I also love having my body worshipped – all of it!